Role of professional translation
Words hold immense power. Language serves as a fundamental tool for the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and communication...
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Ensuring translation excellence: Is it possible to ensure translation quality without an editor?
As the demand for translation services continues to rise, the need for top-notch quality becomes paramount – it's...
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Translation of aviation texts - the forte of AIRV's expertise
While AIRV may not directly operate in aviation, our passion for this field is very close to our heart. Clients often ...
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From client’s perspective: finding the perfect price/quality balance
Clients often face a dilemma when seeking translation services: should they prioritise saving money or invest more in ...
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Why invest in quality translations?
The importance of investing in quality translations cannot be overstated for companies aiming to succeed in internatio...
Translation speed or quality? AIRV has mastered the art of delivering both
Businesses operating in international markets rely heavily on translations for various purposes such as contracts, reg...
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Translation agency's most significant indicator of performance is the returning clients
What makes an ideal customer? We believe that the ideal customer is someone who chooses to return to us. At AIRV, we b...
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What is special about technical translations? Insights from professionals
Today, no international business can do without translation services. Unique aspects of translating technical texts ar...
Customers speak: What makes AIRV a reliable choice for legal text translations?
Our extensive experience in this field has demonstrated that not all translators possess the necessary expertise to ta...
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How can such translations help protect your reputation and save you money?
As globalisation continues to blur the lines between countries and cultures, it has become easier for goods and servic...
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Language localisation is an investment that pays off
Studies* show that 76% of online shoppers prefer shopping on websites that contain information in their native languag...
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Positive feedback from partners attracts new clients
One of the core principles of the AIRV translation agency is friendly customer interactions, embodied in our long-stan...
What are the ingredients for a good translation? Specialists answer
When it comes to ordering a service for the first time, it's difficult to be assured of a successful outcome. The...
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Customers want speed and quality when they hire translators
Today, time is a very valuable and important resource, thus the ability to respond swiftly to requests and adhere to t...
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This year we celebrate our 26th anniversary and invite you to take a closer look at the history of our translation agency!
 26th anniversary of AirV: How it all began.Translations from and into various languages of the world are quite common...
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Reliable translation partners for your business: how to find them?
Reliable translation partners for your business: how to find them?With increasingly more businesses going global, the ...
Merry Christmas
For some, this year has been a year of great discoveries and growth; for others – the year of losses or shocks, but ev...
Our working hours are as usual
Covid-19 and requirements and bans of lockdown affect the lives of everyone, nevertheless, life DOES NOT STOP. We are ...
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Dear clients and partners, it is true that we have long been calling for switching to electronic documents, where poss...
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A conference for European language service providers: ELIA Networking Days in Bucharest!
The AIRV translation agency, based in Lithuania and boasting more than 20 years of experience, is a current member of ...
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The AIRV Translation Agency has joined the largest European Language Association
We are proud to announce that the AIRV translation agency has joined the largest European Language Association. The ra...
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Association of Lithuanian Translation Companies holds the 5th annual conference „Grow your business. Grow your team“
Traditionally, on the 28th of October, the Association of Lithuanian Translation Companies holds the 5th annual confer...
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International Day of Tolerance
On November 16, the Translation Agency “AIRV” and the Radio Station “Extra FM” organized the public event “March acros...
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Interesting facts about Lithuania
By the end of the fourteenth century, Lithuania was the largest country in Europe.190,000 or 91% of the Lithuanian Jew...
Impressions from the UK biggest business show Business 2012 in London
Translation agency AIRV is a fast growing and innovations oriented company. To keep abreast with constantly changing b...
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AIRV Management Team visiting the International Franchise Exchibition in London
Moments from the International Franchise Show 2012 in London....
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AIRV 15th anniversary
15th anniversary of the translation agency AIRV.Nice moments from Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda branches....
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Let's make Kaunas more colorful
Let’s make Kaunas more colorful!A cheery event at the commercial centre “Savas”.On 4th December the commercial centre ...
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