Positive feedback from partners attracts new clients


One of the core principles of the AIRV translation agency is friendly customer interactions, embodied in our long-standing cooperation. We have been working with most of our clients for years or even decades – focusing on their needs, taking into consideration each unique circumstance, and coming up with a solution that is specifically tailored to their situation. Because of this, our clients refer their friends, family, and business partners to us. We share the story of our friendship with BusNex, a multinational corporation that provides robots for aircraft and eco-friendly transportation solutions!

Close contact with the client – from the very first steps

Major Lithuanian and worldwide businesses use our services, and the word of mouth often spreads about our quick and high-quality translations. We are pleased with the history of our collaboration with Avia Solutions Group, one of our clients. Employees of one of their company's departments have shared positive feedback with their colleagues about the translations and services of AIRV. “When we once needed translation services, we were advised by Avia Solutions Group's legal department to choose AIRV, which, as our colleagues said, has an excellent reputation and professionalism,” says Tomas Puodžiūnas, partnership development specialist at BusNex.

Although our collaboration has started only recently, we soon established good understanding and the partnership has been a success right from the beginning. “In a relatively short span of time, we have enjoyed nothing but positive emotions – our inquiries are answered very promptly, the communication is cordial and courteous, and the jobs are done on time and to an exceptionally high standard. It's encouraging to see that new clients receive the same attention and respect as long-standing ones,” the representative of BusNex says.

Priority for quality and top-notch client service

At AIRV, we provide translation services tailored to each client's unique situation, which is why we can offer solutions to a company like BusNex, specialising in the sale of aviation, environmentally friendly personal vehicles, and electric buses and routinely in need for translations of technical documents from English, German, Polish into Lithuanian. The main client's main requirement is fast turnaround, but even with extremely tight deadlines, we never compromise on quality. We are pleased that our clients are aware of and appreciative of it.

“I want to start by commending AIRV's communication – clear, efficient and client-focused. It is a pleasure to work when you know that your needs, both as a person and as a company, will be attended to and seamlessly implemented. And most of all, we appreciate the promptness, adaptability and quality of work. Time is a crucial component for our business, thus translators are also subject to stringent deadlines. AIRV handles this well, aiding us in extra time savings and the scheduling of additional tasks,” says Tomas Puodžiūnas, partnership development specialist. He adds that he would confidently recommend AIRV to enterprises that value reliable partners, speed and efficient communication: “From our point of view, AIRV's working principles are exactly streamlined with today's business demands and focused on the success of our clients.”

If you need a quality translation, too, do not hesitate to contact us and let us take care of all your translation needs! For more information about our translation services, click here.

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