Reliable translation partners for your business: how to find them?


Reliable translation partners for your business: how to find them?

With increasingly more businesses going global, the demand for translation services is growing rapidly. Businesses in a variety of industries require translators to translate product descriptions or technical instructions, legal papers, localise IT systems, and assist them in developing partnerships with overseas partners. On the other hand, as demand grows, so does the proliferation of translation services, making it onerous to find trustworthy translators. Here are some considerations to contemplate when evaluating a translation partner for your company.

To help your brand succeed internationally, you need a solid translation partner who will run the marathon with you, not just the sprint of launching a website, for example - consistently reliable, consistently delivering great quality, and consistently adjusting and scaling alongside you as your international expansion takes flight.

Multilingual content has become more important in the commercial sector.

Companies, regardless of size, may not always have the capacity to translate all of their documents in-house. In this circumstance, they must rely on third-party translation services.


First impression

Translation companies, like any other service provider, must be evaluated on more than simply pricing. You investigate their credentials. You investigate their powers. You investigate if they can scale up in response to your demand.

When approaching a translation company you wish to evaluate, pay close attention to the first email or other response you receive from the office representative – the tone of the communication, the style of the letter, whether grammar rules are adhered to, whether the reply is complete and, finally, what impression the reply has made on you. Communication with clients should be one of the most critical aspects of a company's image; however, there are translation firms that lack not only civility but even spelling abilities. Trust in the service provider is immediately eroded in such instances.

Furthermore, nearly every translation firm has a website that contains basic information about their services, employees, and client feedback. First and foremost, you should examine the website's content. Because translators provide services that are directly linked to language, the texts published on the website serve as their business card, helping to create and preserve the company's image. You're generally not going to acquire graphic design services from a firm whose website design is sloppy or unappealing. So, before engaging the services of a translator, check the texts on the company's website to ensure that these are correct, that the vocabulary is elaborated, and that language standards are followed.

After reviewing the agency's website, call specialist points of contact inside the organisation to determine how simple it is to interact with them. If you intend to work on a long-term project, it is critical that you have a positive attitude toward the individuals who will be in charge of your projects in the future.


Service variety and quality

Another crucial criteria is the company's range of services and the technologies it employs. Although many translation businesses provide generally comparable services, such as translation of texts from one language to another and/or some types of interpretation, the technology employed by translators differs. Higher-level organisations typically monitor technical changes in the field of translation and strive to apply these to their company as fast as is feasible. Modern programmes provide faster turnaround and higher-quality translations, as well as the delivery thereof directly to clients' information systems and localisation on mobile applications.

The translation business, like your own, evolves over time. Translation memory, for example, assist agencies manage your requests more efficiently. That means you'll get your translations faster while also receiving high-quality translations. It is also critical to ensure that your agency can handle all of your company's file types, from simple Word documents to InDesign and XLM.

The most competent professional translation providers understand how to best use cutting-edge translation technology, such as computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. Assume you've created an e-learning course in which certain essential phrases are likely to be utilised and reused again. CAT tools can "remember" previously translated words, phrases, and segments and automatically insert them when they appear in the text, all under the cautious supervision of a skilled person. This eliminates the need to translate the same material many times, saving you money and time.

Saving money on human resources is a common issue for translation services. When a firm has just one or two employees and the volume of orders increases, not only does the quality of contact with the client suffer, but so does the timeframe for completing tasks and the quality of work. As a result, it is prudent to consider the translation agency's workforce. Furthermore, not all translation agencies have real offices where they may produce official papers or address concerns with major translation projects or complex processes. AIRV welcomes clients to its offices in Kaunas and Vilnius, where you may come for a meeting, discuss and analyse your needs in depth, and work out the best solution, gather relevant documents, or send these to us in a convenient manner: by registered mail, courier, or post machine.

Specialised translation agencies

The Lithuanian translation agency market is divided into two parts: some organisations rather specialise in paper documents, while others concentrate on the translation of electronic texts.

AIRV's strength lies in its capacity to address the demands of both private clients and businesses in a variety of industries. AIRV seeks to remain close to the client in both circumstances, not just by being an immediately available team of specialists, but also by providing outstanding quality, responsiveness, and innovation. From project managers to competent translators in a number of languages, AIRV's experienced team is unified by a common goal: to offer quality translation services while leaving a lasting impression on our clients.

AIRV translation firm, translates even extremely large volumes of texts in the client's information systems, specialises in technical, IT, legal, and medical fields, and prepares paper documents for legal and private clients, as well as assistance with legal document formalities (apostilisation, legalisation, notarisation). Over the course of 26 years, our translation firm has completed over 300,000 tasks and formed over 10,000 long-term connections with enterprises from all around the world.

Choosing reliable translators for your company will not only allow you to join international markets more effectively, establish new contacts and improve communication with your suppliers and consumers. So, if you're seeking for high-quality translation services for your company, let’s get in touch!


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