Interesting facts about Lithuania

  • By the end of the fourteenth century, Lithuania was the largest country in Europe.
  • 190,000 or 91% of the Lithuanian Jews were killed, one of the highest total mortality rates of the holocaust.
  • On February 4, 1991, Iceland became the first country to recognize Lithuanian independence.
  • Lithuania joined the United Nations on September 17, 1991.
  • On May 1, 2004, Lithuania joined the European Union.
  • Lithuania is divided into 10 counties, 60 municipalities, and 500 administrative areas.
  • Lithuania has 99 kilometers (61.5 mi) of sandy coastline.
  • 83.6% of the Lithuanian population is ethnic Lithuanians who speak the Lithuanian language.
  • The historically predominant religion is Roman Catholicism.
  • The 2007 estimated population was 3,575,439.
  • The official name of Lithuania is “The Republic of Lithuania”.
  • Lithuania is situated in Eastern Europe, between Latvia and Russia, and stands bordered by the Baltic Sea, Belarus and Poland.
  • Lithuania is one of the countries that make up the ‘Baltic States’. However, contrary to what the name suggests, the states do not share political unity.
  • The official language of Lithuania is Lithuanian. However, you will find majority of the people speaking Russian and English also.
  • Lithuania is spread over an area of approximately 65,300 sq km (25,212 sq miles) and is about the same size as West Virginia.
  • The state of Lithuania is an independent, democratic republic and follows Parliamentary democracy.
  • The currency of Lithuania is Euro and 1 Euro is equal to 100 centas.
  • Lithuania was the last country in Europe to be converted to Christianity. Before Christianity, the country’s religion was ‘Romuva’.
  • The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.
  • Juozapines Hill (294 m) forms the highest point in Lithuania, while the largest and longest river in the country is Nemunas.
  • Lithuania had only one king during the royal times, King Mindaugas.
  • The first publishing house in Lithuania was founded in Vilnius, in 1522, and the first Lithuanian Book was published in 1547.
  • The mother of Pope John Paul II was of Lithuanian descent.
  • Lithuania was the first Soviet republic to declare independence from the USSR.
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