Medical translations are exclusively entrusted to professionals with a robust medical background and extensive experience in the field. Each translator is carefully selected based on the specific source text and their area of expertise. The translation of medical texts demands meticulous care, precise terminology, and a comprehensive understanding of the medical domain. It's imperative to wield medical terminology with pinpoint accuracy and convey the nuanced meaning of the text faithfully. To guarantee the utmost quality and precision in translation, we carefully match each translator with the complexity and subject matter of the text at hand. This tailored approach ensures that every medical document is translated with the highest level of accuracy and expertise.

Languages we handle

At AIRV, our primary focus lies in delivering professional translations of medical texts and documents, predominantly from Lithuanian into English and Russian, and vice versa—from English or Russian into Lithuanian. However, our expertise extends beyond these languages, and we are fully equipped to handle medical translations in various other languages as well.

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The most popular medical translations:

  • operating manuals for medical equipment;
  • scientific articles;
  • medical certificates;
  • medical records;
  • vaccination passports;
  • medical product descriptions;
  • compositions of medicinal products;
  • leaflets of medical products;
  • descriptions of medical product.

However, this list is far from exhaustive. Our team stands prepared to deliver top-quality translations in other medical texts as well.

Quality guarantee

Translators tasked with translating medical texts must possess a comprehensive understanding not only of the medical terminology in their native language but also of the terminology in the target language. Additionally, proficiency in Latin abbreviations and terms commonly used in medical texts is essential. Given the critical nature of accurate medical translation, selecting a service provider requires careful consideration to ensure quality outcomes and adherence to specified deadlines. It is imperative to choose a provider with the utmost responsibility to guarantee the highest standards of translation.

Urgent translations

In many instances, the timeline for translating crucial elements such as a patient's treatment plan, the introduction of a new medication, or the implementation of a medical device in a clinic directly impacts patient care. Therefore, we offer expedited translations of medical texts whenever urgent needs arise.

What our customers say

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We highly appreciate the prompt and high quality services, as well as the warm and pleasant communication.


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How much does medical translation cost

The pricing of a translation is influenced by several factors:

the languages involved in the translation;

the length of the text;

repetitions in the text;

text complexity.


Send us the documents and/or texts you need to have translated and we'll give you an instant quote.

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