The translation agency AIRV collects, processes and stores certain personal data on its customers to ensure the smooth provision of high quality services. Personal data about our customers is processed exclusively for the purposes of providing services and sending offers; we ask you to disclose such personal data in the contacts section or order form available on our website. All the data you disclose is collected, processed and stored in the manner and for the purposes defined in this Privacy Policy. These operations are based on the below principles:

  • Customer data disclosed in the contact section or order form are exclusively used to provide services (such as the development of an offer or provision of a service, invoicing, etc.);
  • The disclosed data is collected and stored without putting personal privacy at risk. This data is not disclosed to any third parties, unless required by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania or if a customer refuses to perform his (her) financial duties;
  • Customer data is processed as required by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and data protection laws;
  • Customer data is used to the extent it is necessary to provide a particular service or develop a commercial offer;
  • the disclosed data is processed by following the principle of honesty. Only the employees in charge of the service may have access to such data.

Should any disputes arise between the service provider (AIRV) and the customer which cannot be resolved amicably, all disputes shall be handled according to the procedure determined by applicable law.

The service provider reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy, notifying its customers in advance.

Should you have any concerns or questions, you can contact the service provider by email, phone, chat or post, via the contact info found on our website.

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