Why invest in quality translations?


The importance of investing in quality translations cannot be overstated for companies aiming to succeed in international markets. Effective communication with customers, partners, and suppliers worldwide is essential, and a reliable translation partner is crucial in achieving this goal. While opting for cheaper translation services may seem like a cost-saving measure, it often leads to errors that not only have financial implications but also tarnish a company's reputation. Discover why you should prioritise quality translations right from the outset.

How quality translations yield substantial cost savings for your company

We are delighted that AIRV's clients recognise the optimal balance between quality and price we provide. Countless stories, testimonials, and bitter experiences from our clients' past demonstrate how extremely important for them to have complete trust in their translation partner and have translations delivered on time, with quality, eliminating the need to spend extra time or money on revisions.

Quite often, companies aspire to swiftly introduce new products to the market realising that the sooner they succeed, the sooner they can generate revenue associated with these products. This involves translating various texts such as informational catalogues and user manuals. The process includes meticulous layout design and preparation for printing, with specific deadlines set to ensure efficiency. To ensure efficiency, specific deadlines are set for every task, because time is money.

But what if a pitfall occurs at the very first step? Inadequately prepared translations or missed deadlines obstruct the layout designers' ability to execute their tasks, impede the printing process, and bring all operations to a standstill, and cause delays in product launch. These setbacks not only waste time but also damage the company's reputation by failing to meet commitments to suppliers.

Unfulfilled commitments to suppliers not only damage reputations but also incur significant costs, particularly when errors are detected after printed materials such as product labels or books have already been produced. Reprinting these materials comes with a substantial price tag.

Discover how to safeguard your revenue, customers, and partners

Language barriers come at a significant cost, and not just in monetary terms. Above, we have shared cases where choosing an unreliable translation partner resulted in financial losses, client attrition, and even legal battles. This is why we strongly recommend investing time in finding a top-tier translation agency right from the outset.

While one may consider seeking freelance translators for individual texts or sections, such an approach often proves to be less beneficial. Our extensive experience has shown that taking such risks rarely pays off. The search process alone can be time-consuming, and there are additional uncertainties, such as the reliability of the translation, its timely delivery, quality assurance, and the need for potential revisions. Dealing with these issues or finding a new specialist, or attempting to rectify the situation independently can quickly escalate into a monumental headache... As the adage goes, "A penny saved is a penny earned," and this holds true more often than not. By securing high-quality translations, the need for time-consuming corrections or retranslations can be avoided.

Additionally, having a regular translation partner offers long-term financial benefits. What is the procedure? The process is simple – the same translation agency keeps a memory of previous translations, allowing for easy updates or additions when necessary. This streamlined approach not only reduces translation costs but also expedites project completion, ultimately saving your company valuable resources. Establishing a longstanding relationship with a single translation agency enables project managers and translators to become intimately familiar with specific requirements and operational frameworks, leading to seamless collaboration and meeting critical deadlines.

At AIRV, we employ seasoned translators specializing in various fields. Our texts undergo rigorous scrutiny by editors to ensure precise and error-free translations for print. This meticulous approach allows us to deliver efficient results while shielding our clients from the stress, expenses, and legal disputes associated with document inaccuracies.

Exciting news! Our new translation platform makes ordering translations even more convenient. Simply visit www.airv.lt and click on the Request a translation button. In just a few effortless steps, your translation will be ready to go. Don't hesitate, give it a try now!

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