Let's make Kaunas more colorful


Let’s make Kaunas more colorful!

A cheery event at the commercial centre “Savas”.

On 4th December the commercial centre “Savas” welcomed its visitors in an unusual way. The “Give a smile to winter!” event was organised by Radio station “Extra FM”, the translation agency “AIRV” and the commercial centre “Savas”.

Many colourful umbrellas were the key accent of the event and every resident of Kaunas, were invited to join the event irrespective of whether he or she had an umbrella. Against the background of white snow the participants created a “live” smile in front of the commercial centre “Savas”. The “smile” was photographed from 20 metres high.

All the participants of the event and the customers of the commercial centre were invited to try a slice of the huge cake made by the private company of Jūratė Gulbinienė, which is famous for its tasty confectionery products.

The colourful event brought a warm smile to the faces of both the participants and the passers-by.

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