Translating technical texts demands precision and expertise that can only be achieved by professionals well-versed in the respective field. It requires not just fluency in the language, but also a deep understanding of its terminology and sometimes even specialized jargon. As such, technical translations represent a distinct category requiring exceptional skills and a heightened sense of responsibility. At AIRV, our translators are carefully selected to meet our stringent quality standards and are specialized in technical translations. They possess the requisite training and excellent command of both the source and target languages, enabling us to deliver high-quality technical translation services across all languages in our portfolio. Our team routinely translates a diverse array of technical documents including manuals, catalogues, safety data sheets, technical specifications, brochures, and other technical materials, ensuring accuracy and clarity in every translation.

Quality guarantee

The realm of technical translations is vast, encompassing a multitude of disciplines.  Our translations span a diverse array of fields, each requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. Given the breadth of technical subjects, it's impractical for one translator to cover them all.  Hence, we meticulously select translators for each project based on their specific specialisations and competencies.  Our project managers carefully match translators with expertise tailored to the subject matter at hand, whether it's an intricate medical equipment manual or detailed instructions for agricultural machinery Our translators bring technical backgrounds, years of experience, and a nuanced understanding of the target language to every project.

To ensure seamless communication and meet our clients' expectations, we encourage our clients to provide us with preferred glossaries of terms and additional materials. In certain instances, publicly accepted terminology may differ from internal company jargon, making a glossary indispensable to streamline the translation process and prevent unnecessary revisions.

The most popular technical translations:

  • Technical specifications;
  • descriptions and instructions for use of household appliances;
  • maintenance and repair manuals;
  • operating manuals for various equipment and appliances;
  • technical regulations;
  • technical drawings and instructions;
  • installation instructions.


The translators at AIRV boast extensive expertise in translating technical texts across a diverse spectrum of industries, including agriculture, aviation, construction, engineering, food, energy, shipping, and oil.

However, this list is far from exhaustive. Our team stands prepared to deliver top-quality translations in other technical fields as well.

What our customers say

 Kauno tiltai AB

We place our trust in your translation agency with great satisfaction. From the initiation of an order to the updates on service progress and the final completion of the project, we consistently rate your services highly.  Your team exemplifies professionalism in every aspect of your field. We express our desire for your team to uphold this exceptional standard of work moving forward.

Henkel UAB

For many years, AIRV has been our trusted partner, consistently demonstrating a commitment to excellence. They approach each task with utmost seriousness, reliably meeting even the most demanding deadlines.  We are highly satisfied with the quality of their work, as their translators exhibit a deep understanding of our company's product terminology and seamlessly adapt terms to perfection. Maintaining a friendly and prompt communication with AIRV is of utmost importance to us.  We trust that this company will continue to be our reliable ally in any circumstance.

Additionally, we kindly invite you to watch the video to hear firsthand testimonials from our satisfied customers!


Languages we handle

We specialize in translating technical documents to and from all languages of the world.

The prevalent languages for translating technical texts are English, German, Russian, Polish and Scandinavian.

For a list of the most popular languages, click here


Layout design

Drawing upon years of experience, we can confidently assert that the prevailing method for translating technical texts is through PDF format.  Frequently, clients provide non-editable PDF documents, posing a challenge to produce translations identical to the original submissions. A seamless solution - our professional layout service is a perfect way out in this situation. With our service, translations mirror the original documents, alleviating the need for additional layout work. This means you can swiftly send your manuals or other materials for printing or public use without any hassle.

How much does technical translation cost

The pricing of a translation is influenced by several factors:

the languages involved in the translation;

the length of the text;

repetitions in the text;

text complexity.

In the realm of technical documentation, repetition of specific phrases or entire sentences is a common occurrence. Fortunately, modern technology, such as computer-assisted translation software, excels at instantly identifying these repetitions, preserving consistent terminology, and storing a memory of translations crafted for the client. This streamlined approach enables us to expedite the translation process for technical texts, reducing both time and cost while ensuring adherence to the original formatting.

For all inquiries regarding pricing, we welcome discussions via phone or email Get in touch with us, and together, we'll find the optimal solutions for your needs!

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