Ensuring translation excellence: Is it possible to ensure translation quality without an editor?


As the demand for translation services continues to rise, the need for top-notch quality becomes paramount – it's not just about translating a text into another language. Achieving a flawless result is more than just understanding the text's content; it requires a perfect translation that conveys every thought accurately, leaving no room for errors. That's where our language editors step in. They possess an unmatched understanding of subtle nuances, not only rectifying mistakes but also sprinkling a touch of magic to elevate the texts. In this article, we present the crucial tasks language editors undertake and their indispensable role in the translation process.


An editor not only corrects errors but also masterfully adapts the style


Often overlooked, text editors play a pivotal role in ensuring top-notch translations, especially when texts reach the public domain, be it press releases or social media posts. Translation between languages can be intricate, with potential pitfalls leading to inaccuracies. The translator's focus is to convey the essence of the text in the target language, skilfully selecting appropriate terms. Meanwhile, the language stylist's mission is to meticulously edit the text, adhering to the highest standards of spelling, punctuation, language culture, and style, all without altering the original meaning. Our editors diligently scrutinise translated texts, rectifying any errors as they go.


They don't stop there; language specialists meticulously adapt the style to match relevant functional styles – whether scientific, artistic, administrative, or others – to resonate perfectly with the intended audience. Text editing involves several essential tasks aimed at enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the content: correcting spelling, punctuation, and proofreading errors, in addition to adapting the text to various functional styles, such as scientific, artistic, administrative, and others, tailored to suit the particular audience.


Texts must be revised for correctness and fluency


Text editing is not only indispensable for rectifying errors and aligning the content with the appropriate style, but also to ensuring the text's overall fluency and readability. Editor meticulously checks and, if necessary, corrects concepts and terms, taking into account the content's context and cultural nuances, and ensuring the main message of the text remains intact. When reviewed by our editor, your text will be free from spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, and grammatical errors. Furthermore, ungrammatical words, adjectives, and any emotional or fictional elements unsuitable for a scientific style text will be effectively eliminated.


At AIRV, we boast an experienced Lithuanian language editor, well-versed in her craft, ensuring linguistic and stylistic accuracy for all Lithuanian translations. While our editor tirelessly polishes each translation to eliminate major errors, but if your text is of exceptional importance or one intended for publication, we highly recommend reserving our additional editing service. This ensures even the slightest linguistic or stylistic imperfections are addressed, leaving you with impeccable texts.

At AIRV, we prioritise excellence in text editing, empowering your content to reach its highest potential. For impeccable editing and polished texts, partner with AIRV today!

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