Merry Christmas


For some, this year has been a year of great discoveries and growth; for others – the year of losses or shocks, but everyone will admit that 2020 was an exceptional year. We appreciate that, through thick and thin, the team of the AIRV translation agency is always as strong as always – for you, dear clients, and for you, dear translators. Together, we bring little miracles come true every day. After all, through translations, big deals are made, goods or services are sold, someone's dreams of entering new markets or introducing a new product to the world are materialised. Thus, all the women of the AIRV family tell their sincere THANK YOU for embarking on a daily translation journey with us. We wish the next year to bring only positive developments, and that these quiet holidays be cozy and meaningful. P.S. Santa told us he will visit everyone even during quarantine! So let us smile, because you can find at least 100 reasons for smiling every day.

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