From client’s perspective: finding the perfect price/quality balance


Clients often face a dilemma when seeking translation services: should they prioritise saving money or invest more in higher quality? Do factors such as the subject matter and specific details of the text may come into play, or do they matter at all? In this article, we delve explore scenarios where price becomes less critical in the equation. Dovilė Kazielaitė-Rinkevičienė, a representative of the international Bilstein Group, who has been collaborating with AIRV for more than two years and appreciates the excellent price/quality ratio, shares her firsthand experience. 


Choosing the right partner is the first step to success


As a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive spare parts and accessories, the Bilstein Group takes pride in their renowned brands such as Febi, SWAG, and Blue Print.  The company's extensive product range covers vital components like engine parts, brakes, and steering wheels. Their longstanding market leadership is a testament to their impeccable reputation and unwavering commitment to product quality. To thrive in international markets, the Bilstein Group places great emphasis on effective marketing tools. This includes the crucial step of translating content into the native language of customers, adapting to their specific consumer environment.


"We are a major player in the market and cannot afford mistakes, delays, or inconsistencies. Therefore, we select our collaborators with utmost care. We made the smart choice of partnering with AIRV based on recommendations from our trusted marketing agency. Since we were contacting them for advertising texts with a rather complex specificity, we needed a partner capable of navigating complexity with exceptional precision, while fully comprehending the subtleties of technical content," says D. Kazielaitė-Rinkevičienė. For over two years, the dynamic AIRV team has played a role in helping Bilstein Group to expand in Latvia and Estonia, delivering the company with high-quality translations at competitive prices.


Quality and consistency as top priorities


Drawing upon our extensive experience, we recognise that companies operating in specific markets or offering specialised products highly value translation partners who thoroughly immerse themselves in their distinct requirements and terminology.  With AIRV, there's no need for tedious terminology checks or time-consuming translation corrections. They effortlessly grasp our needs, delivering impeccable results.


"In my opinion, true value for money is when the outcome not only meets but exceeds our esteemed clients' expectations. This is precisely what we consistently receive from AIRV. The secret lies in our unwavering collaboration with a single service provider. Once you discover that exceptional translation partner, you'll never look back; price becomes a mere afterthought when you're certain that perfection is guaranteed. We have been working with AIRV continuously since the beginning of our cooperation. This maintains distinctive style and tone of our texts because, as far as I know, our company's texts are always translated by the same translators. We appreciate it and are satisfied with the results," explains the client.


In the realm of translation services, the price/quality ratio undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process for clients. However, it is important to bear in mind that while lower prices may initially tempt you towards alternative provider, the risk of disappointment is high. True satisfaction lies where quality prevails. Therefore, selecting a translation agency based on proven quality and glowing testimonials is a strategic investment in the prosperity and growth of your business.


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