Translating legal texts is a painstaking process that requires specific knowledge. That is why our offices in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, and London operate with a carefully assembled team of professionals possessing legal backgrounds and extensive experience in translating legal texts. This enables us to offer a comprehensive range of legal translation services in any of the languages we support.

The most popular legal translations include:

  • contracts;
  • authorizations;
  • laws;
  • statutes;
  • regulations;
  • legal cases and files and procedural documents;
  • tendering documents;
  • reports and decrees.

While the list of legal documents we can handle is not exhaustive, rest assured that our professional team is fully equipped to provide top-quality translations for all your relevant needs. Your satisfaction remains our utmost priority

Confidentiality guaranteed

Documents, whether from individuals or corporate clients, often contain sensitive information. At AIRV, confidentiality is of top priority.

  If required, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement and offer extra safeguards for sensitive documents, ensuring an elevated level of security.

Quality guarantee

Translators entrusted with the translation of legal documents must possess not only a thorough command of the target language but also a nuanced understanding of legal intricacies.  Accuracy and intelligibleness are paramount in translations, alongside with relevant terminology, as a terminology mistake could potentially result in adverse outcomes, such as a lost legal case. Our team comprises exclusively top-tier professionals who adhere to our stringent quality standards, boasting both legal expertise and extensive experience in translating legal texts. It is due to the exemplary proficiency of our specialists and the quality of their translations that they are highly esteemed by our clients.

Urgent translations

We are experts in urgent translations of legal documents, recognizing the criticality of meeting precise deadlines. Understanding the paramount importance of timely submissions, particularly in legal matters where court proceedings are involved, we prioritize prompt communication and swift turnaround times. We acknowledge that delays can render translations redundant underscoring our commitment to ensuring your documents are delivered promptly and efficiently.

Languages we handle

We specialize in translating legal documents to and from all languages of the world.

The prevalent languages for translating legal texts include English, German, Estonian, Latvian, Russian, Spanish, and Polish.

For a list of the most popular languages, click here

What our customers say

Legal text translation stands as one of our foremost areas of expertise, with a remarkable 40% of all translations handled by AIRV falling within the legal domain. A significant portion of our customer portfolio comprises law firms, courts, state-owned enterprises, as well as attorneys and legal practitioners.



The Lithuanian Bar Association

The Lithuanian Bar Association has been using the translation services of UAB AIRV since 2021. Our partnership began with the translation of crucial, time-sensitive, and extensive procedural documents, completed within strict deadlines and to an exceptional standard. We appreciate the quality of their services, unwavering punctuality, extensive list of languages, amiable communication, and customer-centric solutions for unconventional scenarios.  It is these attributes that solidified the selection of AIRV UAB as our long-term cooperation partner. Given these advantages, we wholeheartedly recommend AIRV UAB as a trusted partner for even the most intricate projects.

Law firm Jonaitis and partners

We are thoroughly pleased with the quality of translation services offered by AIRV.  Of particular note is the commendable responsiveness and communication demonstrated by the AIRV team. Without fail, we receive translations promptly, even in urgent cases,

 which holds immense significance for us.


 Additionally, we kindly invite you to watch the video to hear firsthand testimonials from our satisfied customers!


How much does legal translation cost

The pricing of a translation is influenced by several factors:

the languages involved in the translation;

the length of the text;

repetitions in the text;

text complexity.

For all inquiries regarding pricing, we welcome discussions via phone or email Get in touch with us, and together, we'll find the optimal solutions for your needs!

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