Translation speed or quality? AIRV has mastered the art of delivering both


Businesses operating in international markets rely heavily on translations for various purposes such as contracts, regulations, product descriptions, and technical documents. Technical documents all require linguistic finesse to navigate the complexities of local standards and avoid the treacherous pitfalls of financial and legal entanglements. Consequently, companies known for their commitment to excellence, understand the importance of investing in top-notch technical translations.

In this article, Vytas Česnulevičius, the Project Manager at KMT, shares his experience working with the translation agency AIRV on technical document translation projects.


Attention to detail is paramount when translating technical texts


 Since 2021, we have had a successful collaboration with KMT, a leading player in the automotive body manufacture, hydraulic lifting, and construction equipment industry in Lithuania. We have translated dozens of technical texts, including manuals and other document types.

“The story of our cooperation started quite simply - a previous business partner failed to deliver translations within the confines of time. We have never encountered such issues with AIRV”, says client Vytas Česnulevičius.


KMT specialises in the manufacturing and sale of specialised trucks and rolling stock, so it is important to have a good understanding and accurate terminology usage and adaptation within this domain. Technical documents often contain tables, drawings, and diagrams, requiring not only text translation but also visual alignment.


The most common translation requests we receive are for technical specifications, user manuals, and similar content in Italian-Lithuanian and English-Lithuanian pairs. Given the complexity of our field, it was crucial to establish a collaborative relationship with AIRV from the beginning, providing our translators with sufficient information to facilitate future text translations. The initial texts, in my opinion, were the most challenging. The language used in the software for the self-driving diagnostic vehicle had to be translated, which meant dealing with fragmented words lacking any context... However, V. Česnulevičius praises AIRV for handling this difficult task flawlessly and swiftly correcting all inaccuracies.


When you need a translation... yesterday


When asked about the primary reason for recommending AIRV to others, the KMT representative emphasises the agency's remarkable speed.

“In our industry, it is common that translations are needed urgently, almost as if they were due yesterday. Confidently, we contact AIRV because we know they will assist us promptly, providing translations as if we had received them the day before the document was actually sent”, the client smiles .


The project manager from KMT adds that AIRV's responsiveness can sometimes save business deals and prevent financial troubles:

“In our line of work, documentation such as user manuals and maintenance instructions are part of the delivered goods, and we incur significant penalties for every day of delay. Delays are frequent in this field due to various reasons, so having a translation done yesterday can sometimes save thousands of euro.


According to V. Česnulevičius, successful cooperation relies not only on speed and quality but also on effective communication:

Proper communication is essential for fostering good business relationships, and a friendly approach greatly facilitates this.


Do you also need translation here and now? Contact us, and we will respond to your inquiry within 30 minutes!


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