Customers speak: What makes AIRV a reliable choice for legal text translations?


Our extensive experience in this field has demonstrated that not all translators possess the necessary expertise to tackle legal text translations. Businesses from various sectors, including industry, logistics, law, IT, and medicine, approach AIRV with varying needs, text types, and legal nuances. Nevertheless, we always strive to provide customized solutions, adhering to the highest translation quality standards, deadlines, confidentiality, and ethical standards. We consistently select the most qualified specialists in their respective fields for our projects. Paulius Griciūnas, a representative from the Lithuanian Bar Association, has agreed to discuss his partnership with AIRV and the intricacies of legal text translations.

Trusting legal texts to just anyone is not advisable

The Lithuanian Bar Association is a governing and regulatory body representing over 2,000 lawyers and 1,000 legal assistants. Working with such an esteemed organization is a significant responsibility and challenge, but AIRV takes on such tasks with confidence and determination!

"Finding reliable translators, especially in the field of law, is a challenging task as serious and responsible texts should not be entrusted to just anyone. However, for the past three years, we have been working with AIRV. We initially discovered AIRV during a time of emergency. We required a complex Lithuanian-English translation, and our previous partner was unable to complete the task. AIRV was recommended to us, and they not only completed the task efficiently but also surpassed our expectations in terms of quality and speed. Since then, we have been exclusively working with AIRV, and we are pleased with their speed, quality, and adherence to deadlines,” P. Griciūnas spoke highly of AIRV's services, stating that the company is reliable and knowledgeable.

Speed, quality and knowledge of deadlines

The Lithuanian Bar Association's representative emphasised the importance of impeccable quality translations and strict adherence to deadlines in the work of lawyers. "I can confidently say that AIRV not only meets these requirements but often surpasses expectations. For example, we receive an international document in PDF format and ask for a specific format to be used when translating the text. AIRV does this without any problems – they get back an identical layout, but with the required translation. This level of service is highly valued by the association.”

To ensure high-quality translations, it's essential that the translators are well-versed in the subject matter of the text. AIRV has a team of experienced translators with expertise in various fields, including several who have studied law. This means that clients can be confident that their texts will be translated by a specialist with the necessary knowledge and skills.

"When it comes to legal translations, the knowledge and use of legal concepts and terms are crucial,  as they typically involve various procedural documents and regulations. Even if a term is not urgent, it still needs to be translated with utmost accuracy. AIRV always evaluates such matters and collaborates with clients to find a mutually agreeable solution," says P. Griciūnas.  He stresses the importance of cooperation between the translation partner and the client to achieve excellent results. "We try to familiarise the service provider with the situation, we provide sources that may be useful when working on a specific text and are always open to questions."

The importance of confidentiality

In addition, confidentiality is of utmost importance when working with non-public information, such as legal documents, medical records, or financial statements. Confidentiality agreements are utilized to ensure that translated content remains private, secure, and free from any concerns regarding leaked information.


Our company is dedicated to maintaining confidentiality, and we require both our clients and translators to sign strict agreements to uphold this commitment. We prioritize the security of our clients' information by using secure emails, refraining from storing confidential data, and providing additional safeguards such as unique passwords when necessary. In instances where extra confidentiality measures are required, we opt to use our in-house staff to complete the translation to prevent any information from leaving our premises.


Our company takes our responsibility to protect client privacy very seriously, and we believe it is our professional obligation to do so. By partnering with AIRV, clients can rest assured that their content is in capable and secure hands!

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