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High-quality translation opens up avenues for business development. We are a friendly translation agency that provides prompt, effective service and high-quality work.

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We will translate your documents the same business day if necessary.


We reply to all enquiries and emails within 30 minutes.


Each translation is reviewed by at least 3 persons.

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Long-standing collaboration with multinational companies.

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Henkel Balti OÜ
Henkel Balti OÜ

AIRV has been our trusted partner for several years. They`re always taking their job seriously and can handle even with tight deadlines. I`ve always been satisfied with the quality of their work as they`ve taken over our specific expressions and using them correctly. In addition to that the communication has always been pleasant, friendly and fast. I know that I can rely on them in every situation.

TCL Communication
TCL Communication

We’ve been working with AirV for years and we really appreciate the excellent service that AirV provides.
They have professional and experienced translators who are proficient in using translation tools, and always deliver good translation quality on time, even for big tasks in urgent cases.
They also have excellent project managers who stay in close touch with us to understand our requirements and expectations very well.
We hope keep cooperation with AirV in the future.

UAB Plastic formo
UAB Plastic formo

A friendly and professional team. They have never failed to meet the deadline and always take the client’s needs into consideration.  The problems, which are very rare, are always sold to the client's benefit. It was a big pleasure to work with this company for many years.

UAB Topsonic
UAB Topsonic

Thank you so much. We have been pleasantly surprised by the highest level of proofreading. We found your proofreader’s comments very useful.

As always, AIRV is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.

Telko Lietuva UAB
Telko Lietuva UAB

We have been working with the translation agency AIRV for over 10 years and we can definitely recommend this agency to everybody as a supplier of top quality services for a reasonable price.

We highly appreciate for the orders delivered on time and very often before the agreed upon deadline. Moreover, their quality is excellent in addition to a friendly and attentive staff. We can always rely on this company in every aspect - from quality to meeting the deadlines.

ZETA LAW Professional Partnership of Lawyers
ZETA LAW Professional Partnership of Lawyers

We have been using the services of the translation agency AIRV on a regular basis and we have been very satisfied with their cutting-edge services. As matter of fact, our deadlines are always pressing, but the AIRV team has always risen to the challenge and they have never disappointed us. They are enthusiastic and ready to help whenever it is required. Their prices are extremely competitive, nevertheless, the quality level of their translations is exceptionally high. We strongly recommend this translation agency and we look forward to working with AIRV in the future.

Good luck to the AIRV team!

UAB „Kauno tiltai“
UAB „Kauno tiltai“

We can always rely on your translation agency. We are using your translation services on a continuous basis and we have only positive words to say about the translation process at every step: ordering, processing, reporting about the progress of work, through to final delivery. As a translation agency you are absolute professionals in this field. Our wish is that you will maintain the same quality of work in the future as well. Good luck!

Kauno Pienas, a branch of AB Pieno Žvaigždės
Kauno Pienas, a branch of AB Pieno Žvaigždės

We have only positive words to say about the quality of your work and our working relationship in general. All the translations you do for us are accomplished within the agreed deadlines despite the fact that very often our orders have very short deadlines and they have to be made within a very short period. Prior to final delivery, we always cross-check the translations and this allows us to ensure that correct and consistent terminology specific to our industry field has been used. Moreover, it is convenient for us to have all the translations in Word. We hope that our future cooperation will be just as successful.

UAB EMP Recycling
UAB EMP Recycling

We wish to say many thanks to the translation agency AIRV for highly professional, prompt and exclusive work. We highly appreciate the AIRV staff as a reliable partner whose efforts were a valuable input into the success of EMP Recycling projects.


We are always satisfied with your translations.  We have been cooperating for more than ten years and really hope that our cooperation will continue for many years. We wish you and your staff all the best! 

AB Sanitas
AB Sanitas

We highly appreciate the efforts of UAB AIRV. We have been working together for three years. They have been translating huge projects for us and sometimes, it was hard to believe that they would manage to accomplish all the tasks in time.  They have NEVER failed to meet the deadline!

UAB Aconitum
UAB Aconitum

We are always satisfied with your translations. We are happy about their turnover time and quality. We wish you a big success!

UAB Olansija
UAB Olansija

Language is involved in everything what we do. One thing is to speak foreign language, but the entirely different thing is to work with the foreign language. We are really demanding about the translation quality, text editing and language style. Therefore, we have been frequently using the services of UAB AIRV for three consecutive years.

They give an opportunity to deliver and receive the materials via e-mail and this is very important today as a time-saving measure. The staff of UAB AIRV Klaipėda branch responds immediately and we can always rely on them. The staff of UAB Olansija wishes a big success in future business of the company.

UAB Hegelman Transporte
UAB Hegelman Transporte

We can say only positive words about your translation agency in return for excellent quality of translations, strict following of the deadlines and high level of services. The staff is always friendly and attentive. All the translations are accomplished within the shortest possible time limits and this enables us to optimize our working time.

Thank you for being with us!


Lithuanian Cable Television Association
Lithuanian Cable Television Association

Thank you for cooperation. Our enquiries are always followed by immediate responses to every issue, which is important for us. Moreover, the translations are always accomplished very quickly and in a qualitative manner. We wish you a big success in your future business and hope that you will continue working in a professional way.

UAB Kaefer Termoizola
UAB Kaefer Termoizola

We, at UAB Kaefer Termoizola, can say only positive words about the translation agency AIRV.  The service level is really high and we can always be sure that we can rely on them in the most urgent cases. They are always ready and willing to do their best! Many thanks! P.S. Highest level of services and attention to the clients’ needs!


The translation agency AIRV is a reliable partner whose high level of professionalism and competences helped us to better understand the peculiarities of our company’s operations and enabled us to find the most optimum solutions.  We are always sure that the tasks will be accomplished in time and this allows us to achieve the desired results.  Excellent quality of AIRV services complies with the strictest requirements, which we apply to our own services and solutions.

UAB Schiedel kaminų sistemos
UAB Schiedel kaminų sistemos

Thank you for the quality translations and we are really satisfied with your services! We hope for our future successful cooperation!

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translation services

Word translation service

Price from€ 10


Price from€ 3

Document translation

Price from€ 8 
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Mob.: +370 612 73093

Tel.: +370 5 2122496


Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9.00–17.00

Savanorių pr. 204/Taikos pr. 2, Kaunas, LT-50187

Mob.: +370 650 51544

Tel.: +370 37 313455


Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9.00–17.00

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Tel.: +370 46 210588


Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9.00–17.00

Audit House, 260 Field End Road, Ruislip, London, HA4 9LT

Mob.: +447562359208


Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9.00–17.00

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What sets our translation company apart?

We are not just another company lost on the expanse of the internet, but a real company, with offices and a friendly and helpful team waiting for you.

We have been cooperating with our most loyal customers, UAB AK Aviabaltika, UAB Surdotechnika, UAB Valentis Pharma, UAB Plastic formo, etc., since the establishment of our company.

Be part of our customer family.

We are trusted by


How to choose the right translation agency?

When choosing a translation service provider, we advise to consider:

Agency’s experience in providing translation services (we have 20 years' experience)

Recommendations from existing customers

Company's size and its capability to successfully plan and complete projects of various size

Project managers' expertise and translators' competence in translating highly specialised texts requiring special qualification


How the cost of translation is calculated?

The pricing model is based on the number of symbols. One standard translation page consists of 1,500 symbols excluding spaces. Different rates apply to different language combinations and for this reason, call or email to the translation agency and ask for more specific price. You should specify a) a language combination; b) a required translation service.

Is it possible to order translation services remotely?

Yes. If you need a notarized document, you can deliver your documents or texts by email and the translation agency shall take care of everything–they shall provide you with an electronic version of the translation validated by the agency.

Are urgent translation tasks charged extra?

No. We take every step to complete the translation as soon as possible and deliver it to a customer and therefore, we do not apply additional charges.

Are interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) services offered?

Yes. Highly professional interpreters provide this service. Interpreters are selected subject to the field of specialisation, e.g. interpreting during events, conferences, commercial negotiations etc.

Is it possible to complete paperwork in Lithuania, if a customer is abroad?

Definitely yes. The translation agency helps the customers abroad very often: they can rely on us when they need translation, notarisation or legalisation services. You can email us the documents you need to be translated, or, alternatively, you can choose courier or prepaid post services. The documents will be prepared in line with your requirements.

Is it possible to order translation of sound and video records?

Yes. We offer the translation of more than 30 sound recording formats, including AIFF, M4A, MP3, MP4, WAV and WMA. We can also work with YouTube and other resources.

What translation fields we handle?

We have professional translators working in such fields as medicine, finance, engineering, law, advertising as well as creative translations.

Are online translations time-saving?

As usual, our response time is very short. Whether you decide to order translations online or to visit our physical offices, we shall do everything for you as soon as possible.

What makes the translation cost-effective?

We use the latest translation technologies and software. They can recognise repetition and thus save your money. This is not an automated translation but rather translation tools that allow to maintain the original formatting of the translated text. If any text was translated before, the tool will offer the repeated segments of the text automatically. In this way, the translation process is shorter, cheaper and of better quality.

Where exactly the translation office in Vilnius is?

Our translation office in Vilnius is at Raugyklos g. 4A, LT-01139. The easiest way to find it is by walking or driving along Raugyklos Street from the Margutis sculpture towards V. Šopeno Street. You can park your car on the street in front of the office (there is a yellow zone nearby). You will easily spot the office signboard. You are welcome to drop by.

Digital certification of translations – is it a free service?

With the rapid changes in living conditions during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of eco friendly translation, a service that has been on the market for a number of years, has grown significantly. This means that we will digitally certify the translations of the documents for which you do not need a hard copy, free of charge, using our office stamps, making the process completely paperless. Let's protect our planet and print responsibly.

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