Translation agency's most significant indicator of performance is the returning clients


What makes an ideal customer? We believe that the ideal customer is someone who chooses to return to us. At AIRV, we believe that it's someone who keeps coming back to us for their translation needs. This indicates that our team has provided high-quality work and fulfilled their expectations, earning their loyalty. Our loyal clients are a testament to our efforts and outcomes.


We have had the pleasure to have a long-standing partnership with Elektrum Lietuva, one of the largest energy groups in the Baltic region, for several years. We are delighted to share the reasons for their continued partnership with us.

High quality standards

Monika Kazlauskaitė, a representative of Elektrum Lietuva, says, “When we were looking for a reliable translation partner about two years ago, we established criteria such as dependability, good value for money, timely delivery, and prompt responsiveness. AIRV has fully met our expectations and has never let us down throughout our collaboration.”

She further notes that finding a partner who can surpass AIRV's quality/price ratio is challenging: “As a large company, we need to translate significant volumes of texts, including contracts, rules, regulations, and procedural documents. Most frequently, we require translations from Lithuanian to English, from English to Lithuanian, and from Latvian to English and Lithuanian. Sometimes we also need translations into German or Chinese. We are pleased that AIRV team of translators covers a broad range of languages, ensuring the best quality for any language."

When it comes to internal company documents, maintaining the text's meaning and conciseness is paramount, and they always deliver.


  1. Kazlauskaitė explains, "Speed is also essential, as the company's management typically wants the latest version of documents to enter into force right after adoption so that all employees have time to review them. For example, it is particularly crucial to translate contracts quickly."

Dedication to profession and clients

For Elektrum Lietuva, AIRV is synonymous with quality, speed, and friendliness: "We are very satisfied with AIRV's communication. It is always cordial and provides clear and specific information. Responsiveness is another aspect that we appreciate in AIRV. On several occasions, we have requested urgent translations, and AIRV has delivered the texts at lunchtime, and the next morning, the staff was already expecting to see the translated texts on their computer screens.AIRV has never let us down."

Successful cooperation between clients and translation agencies requires effective communication. As Monika Kazlauskaitė explains, “Whenever we request a translation, we clearly state our timeline and delivery expectations, and AIRV always delivers on time and in the format we need, even if we require unique formatting or layout adjustments. This level of flexibility and attentiveness is something we greatly appreciate and is a key factor in our continued satisfaction with their services.”

Don't settle for anything less than exceptional communication and service in your translation needs. Contact AIRV today and experience the difference for yourself! For more information on our translation services, click here.


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