Customers want speed and quality when they hire translators


Today, time is a very valuable and important resource, thus the ability to respond swiftly to requests and adhere to tight deadlines is typically one of the major criteria when hiring translators. However, unforeseen situations sometimes arise when a translation is required immediately, or, as some customers like to say, “yesterday.” We share information that enables the AIRV team to precisely identify and cater to the demands of our customers.


Prompt communication is one of AIRV's core principles.


Contacting the translation firm through phone call or email is the first step in placing an order for a translation service. The AIRV staff guarantees a 30-minute response time to your inquiry. Years of expertise, communication with various service providers and translators from around the globe, and, of course, empathy for the customer, all contributed to this.


We have dealt with circumstances when, for instance, we have not received any form of response or indication that our communication has reached our partners. We are aware of the distress and annoyance that prolonged waiting may cause, especially when it directly affects crucial business operations or even sales outcomes. Because of this, we make every effort to make using AIRV as enjoyable as possible for its users, and we uphold our commitment to provide prompt attention to all requests.


The translation process: from order placement to agreement


Coordination of a translation order might take anything from 30 minutes and many weeks. As deadlines, language combinations, the requirement to prepare the document for printing, notary certification, etc. must be agreed upon, this depends on both the service provider and the customer. Additionally, there are situations where the customer is unsure of the precise texts or documents that need to be translated or, for example, is unsure of the language combinations they require. Budget approval can also occasionally slow down the procedure. The procedure can be lengthy in these circumstances, but if the situation is truly urgent, the customer's response will reflect this; they will be actively involved in the process, will answer to the translation team's inquiries very quickly, and the project will take much less time to complete.


The capacity of AIRV's professionals to not only perform the translations quickly on their own, but also to establish exact timeframes for the job, is frequently mentioned by customers in their comments. Years of experience and ongoing communication with the customer make this feasible. The internal project management system of the business is another place where we monitor the status of projects so that we may establish deadlines, keep track of the team's availability, identify issues early and quickly solve them. We have a close-knit connection with our translation team, and when larger projects are in the coordination stage, our colleagues evaluate and share their skills with one another so that we can swiftly and effectively address any problems.


When translations can save lives


Translators are often intermediaries between businesses and their partners or customers, and the translation can affect how customers perceive a product, the success of a transaction or even the outcome of a deal. This is why it's so important for business customers to be able to coordinate and finish a translation fast.


Often, projects with strict deadlines are destined for the courts. In some circumstances, translations must be completed by a certain date and are simply not accepted later. Customers frequently request translations for a life or death issue, for example, when a customer says: “Prepare medical translations at lightning speed, because in a few days they might be obsolete without the right treatment being applied here and now.” Every second matters in these circumstances!


It's also not uncommon to have to “rescue” customers during unexpected inspections, for example, when an order is received tonight and the a large volume of translations has to be submitted to the auditors next morning. The AIRV crew is not intimidated by such difficulties – it's just a matter of rolling up our sleeves and literally producing translations overnight.


Trust the experts at AIRV with the translation of your company's papers, and you'll see for yourself that efficiency and excellence can go hand in hand!


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