This year we celebrate our 26th anniversary and invite you to take a closer look at the history of our translation agency!



26th anniversary of AirV: How it all began.

Translations from and into various languages of the world are quite commonplace today, particularly in the corporate world. However, the history of the AirV Company began when such a service was not widely available. This year marks our 26th anniversary and invite you to take a closer look at our translation agency!

A challenging path to a dream: How was AirV established?

"It was my mother Vilma who took the first steps into the translation market. She always had a flair for the humanities and aspired to studying Lithuanian philology. Destiny had other ideas, my mother engaged herself in the study of another language, English," says Evelina Grigonė, the company's current manager.

Vilma began her career as a translator shortly after finishing her studies – she was employed by a translation agency and did her first assignments. However, the working environment at the time was hardly appealing to the young specialist: cramped, uncomfortable office space, shabby furniture... inspiration was hard to come by. And yet, it was blessing in disguise – the image of the workplace prompted the translator to consider establishing her own business, where employees and clients would feel comfortable and wish to come back. This was the beginning of the first family translation agency, with the interior created by the founder herself.

Although the business into which V. Burneikienė immersed herself did not appear to be particularly promising to those around her, but perseverance and patience helped her to effectively expand it and build a loyal clientele. "Far from everyone believed in the idea, but my mother confidently walked towards her goal, forsaking sleep, leisure and sometimes even her health... This is how her hobby of delving into the translation of texts and its meaning gradually evolved into the market-leading company it is today," Evelina proudly states.

The name of the company that lent wings

Customers frequently ask about the origins of the name AirV. Interestingly, it was borrowed from another business, not related to translations at all. "It is the abbreviation of the formerly jointly owned company of Almantas and Vilma, which my mother reused when she decided to set up a translation agency," says the company's director. She adds that some clients pronounce the name as AIR V, associating it with aviation. "We can't complain since we are no strangers to aviation – we have a number of clients in this industry, and the current staff at the Vilnius office in its entirety came to us from the aviation sector. We even hosted a party in the aircraft hangar this year! All team members had the opportunity to fly in a private jet and be inspired for new projects", she shares her impressions.

A company that has brought together several generations

Every family business depends on the values cherished in its environment. "From an early age, my sisters and I saw the image of a hardworking, independent woman, but we were also taught to support each other, so teamwork is ingrained in both our home and work lives," Evelina explains. That's why she was always there for her mother when she needed help, whether it was translating documents, tidying up the office or dealing with clients.

The family business evolved and flourished over time, as did the team's abilities and expertise. Evelina now runs the company with the help of her mother and younger sister, as well as by a number of employees. "We are well aware of how much a close teamwork can accomplish, and we want our customers to feel the same way", says the manager, smiling.

Over the years, the company has been through thick and thin. One of the situations that hardened the team was the betrayal of team members and the efforts to rebuild trust. "A team from one of our branches, who had been with us for over a decade, once decided it was time to start their own firm... with a client database stolen from AirV. However, the attempt to entice away long-standing clientele proved futile, and our family business values of teamwork and all-round support helped us in dealing with the situation," says E. Grigonė. She says, emotional recovery is difficult, but her trust in the company's objective and ambition to be the best in her profession gave her the fortitude to keep going. "We've grown to believe that family is the driving force that propels us ahead. When one of the three ladies in the AirV family runs out of strength, stamina or wants to give up, the other two encourage and roll up their sleeves to accomplish even more!"

From handwritten texts to cutting-edge translation technology

AirV was established back when the internet was a novelty, so the first texts were handwritten. Only later did floppy discs with scanners become available for recording documents, and the internet became a tool that everyone could use. "We can now work from anywhere in the world as long as we have a good internet connection. Furthermore, we employ cutting-edge translation tools that not only speed up the translation process but also help us assure flawless quality," Evelina explains.

The AirV manager says that the team is continually monitoring language advancements and employing modern computer-assisted translation technologies. "Imagine you've built an e-learning course in which certain key phrases are likely to be used more than once. These tools remember previously translated words, phrases or their combinations, and automatically insert them when they appear in the text again, all under the close supervision of a skilled professional. This means that the translator no longer has to translate the same material multiple times, saving clients’ money and time." AirV's specialists also work directly with a large variety of file formats, from simple Word documents to InDesign and XLM files.

The translation agency is now operating successfully not only in Kaunas; in 2001 a branch was established in Vilnius, and in 2016, a branch was opened in London. We presently translate from and into more than 150 different languages and have completed more than 300,000 orders in 26 years! The services of AirV are chosen by the major Lithuanian and international corporations, and the returning satisfied clients are what drives the team to constantly strive and improve.

If you too are looking for a reliable translation partner for your business, get in touch!

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