Translation of aviation texts - the forte of AIRV's expertise


While AIRV may not directly operate in aviation, our passion for this field is very close to our heart. Clients often refer to us as "AIR V" and it's no coincidence – our Vilnius office is home to a team of professionals with extensive experience in the aeronautics industry. We even celebrated our company's holiday in an exhilarating aircraft hangar! Plus, our manager, Evelina, is an accomplished pilot of ultralight aircraft. Aviation texts can be intriguing and occasionally intricate, but our team has a natural knack for understanding them effortlessly.


Becoming an airplane pilot


We recently had the pleasure of talking to Karina Moisejenko from BAA Training, a prominent player in the European aviation training industry and part of the Avia Solutions Group. With the coveted status of an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), they provide initial pilot training solutions, including distance learning, for various aviation roles such as pilots, flight attendants, ground handlers, and air traffic controllers. They operate 11 flight simulators: 4 in Lithuania, 5 in Spain and 2 in Vietnam, and also have plans to add 4 real flight simulators in France by the end of 2023.


Precision is paramount in aviation translations


The aviation industry encompasses precise terminology, concepts, and abbreviations that demand meticulous translation. Fortunately, our AIRV team comprises seasoned professionals with an intimate knowledge of aviation, fearlessly tackling such challenges head-on. Their expertise ensures accurate translations of even the most intricate and sophisticated aviation texts, capturing the intended meaning and technical specifications flawlessly.


The representative from BAA Training emphasises their strict requirements for a translation partner: “Our company specialises in aviation training, so it is desirable that the translation partner has experience in this type of texts. Lacking relevant experience, one may encounter difficulties when it comes to understanding specialised terminology associated with aircraft, navigation, air traffic management, aviation legislation, and procedures”.


AIRV's translation agency offers translations to BAA Training not from/to English or Spanish, but occasionally also Italian, Chinese, German, and Russian.

“We have a track record of successful collaborations with AIRV. After a brief hiatus, when the need for translation services arose again, we didn't hesitate to turn to them. We know that this team will swiftly and meticulously complete the job to a high standard. We are delighted with their quick response to our requests, their adherence to deadlines, and the impeccable quality. Aviation is a challenging field, with often changing plans and needs, but from our experience, AIRV excels at handling even the toughest of tasks,” says the client.

Unlock the potential of a reliable translation partner for your business, too! Look no further. You can trust our exceptional team to translate even the most complex texts that require specific knowledge. We will deliver thorough, prompt, and high-quality translations that exceed your expectations. Join the ranks of thousands of satisfied clients who have experienced the excellence of AIRV translation agency firsthand.

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