Editing translated texts

When availing of translation services, our agency always advises clients to also enlist the assistance of a language stylist to rectify stylistic, grammatical, and other language-related errors. We particularly recommend ordering editing services if the translated texts, such as press releases, articles, website content, or product descriptions, are intended for public distribution.

Translations are meticulously edited by native speakers  to ensure adherence to language style guidelines, proper spelling and punctuation, and the elimination of any misused words. Our editors also ensure that the translation resonates with the intended audience, taking into account even the subtlest language nuances.

Editing services are available for texts in both Lithuanian and foreign languages.

Whether you're crafting content for your company's website, brochures, commercial offers, or other business materials, we understand that you're the expert in presenting your company and its products or services.  AIRV will assist you in editing your texts to ensure they are error-free, easy to read, and comprehend.

Alternatively, if you have team members proficient in foreign languages handling translations,  AIRV offers text editing services in any foreign language to guarantee error-free translated content.

Machine translation post-editing

Do you utilize a machine translation tool for translating texts into various languages?  Fantastic!  We can assist you with top-notch machine translation and text editing services. We'll meticulously edit your translations to ensure they are usable and, if required, localize them to suit the target audience.
Typically, this service is conducted by a professional proficient in both the original language and the language into which the machine translation program is deployed. This specialist not only scrutinizes for style and grammatical errors but also ensures accuracy, terminology precision, and logical coherence in the machine translation, guaranteeing that your text is perfectly primed for use.

What our customers say

Public Institution "Diversity development group"

We've partnered with AIRV for over three years now, and it's been a fantastic collaboration.  AIRV proves to be an exceptionally reliable, professional, and top-quality partner for translation and editing services.  Given the nature of our work, which often involves producing numerous extensive reports requiring meticulous editing, AIRV has been invaluable.  Working with AIRV is always a pleasure because we can trust that our services will be delivered promptly and to the highest standard.  We truly cherish this partnership.

Additionally, we kindly invite you to watch the video to hear firsthand testimonials from our satisfied customers!




Post-editing languages

We provide post-editing services for all languages.

For a list of the most popular languages, click here https://www.airv.lt/languages

How much we charge

The pricing is influenced by several factors:

the selected service;

the selected language;

the task’s volume;


For all inquiries regarding pricing, we welcome discussions via phone or email info@airv.lt. Get in touch with us, and together, we'll find the optimal solutions for your needs!

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