At AIRV, we are deeply committed to our planet and its sustainable future. In line with this commitment, we conscientiously contribute to the preservation and conservation of invaluable resources.

Eco-Friendly Translation Solutions: Choose our eco-translation option for a paperless approach. Your translations will remain digital, eliminating paper waste. Let's save our planet together. We urge you to think carefully about whether you really need a printed version of the translation.

If a physical copy is required, kindly notify our Project Manager and you will get your physical copies prepared for collection and, if necessary, digitally signed. We refrain from printing documents without prior notice.

First Set of Documents Free! The first set of documents (original and translated) shall be prepared (printed and bound together) for free. For additional copies, we charge a nominal fee of EUR 2.00 + VAT per copy.

Certificates of Authenticity: Translations submitted to official bodies require a certificate of authenticity to verify that they were carried out by a translation agency. Our translators certify that the translated information corresponds to the content of the original text. For agency approval, no need to deliver the original document - just bring a copy or email an electronic version. For questions about authentication, contact us via phone or email, and we'll collaborate to find the best solution for you.

Have Authentication Questions? Contact us via phone or email (AirV contacts) for personalized solutions.

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