We provide apostilisation and legalisation services. While the description is provided below, we recommend contacting our team for specific cases.

Apostille: Apostille involves the legalisation of a document by certifying the authenticity of the stamps and signatory's position. It can certify both the original and a copy certified by a notary public. Documents with an apostille are valid in countries under the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961.

Legalisation: Legalisation authenticates the signature, position of the signatory, and stamp on the document. This process occurs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or diplomatic missions.

Choosing Between Legalisation and Apostille:

  • Legalisation for countries not part of the 1961 Hague Convention without a legal aid treaty with Lithuania.
  • Apostille for countries under the 1961 Hague Convention.

Documents That May Be Legalised and Certified by Apostille:

  • Issued by state and municipal authorities, public prosecutors, judicial officers, or those executing a court order.
  • Administrative documents.
  • Notarial deeds.
  • Official confirmations of documents signed by natural persons.
  • Notarial transcripts of official documents.

 For more information on approving documents, visit [Link].

Important Notes:

  • All public documents issued in Lithuania and used in Convention countries must be certified with an apostille.
  • An apostille does not certify document content but confirms the legal right and authority of the signer.
  • Authentication by an apostille is recognized in all Convention countries without further formalities.


  • Legalisation: Consular fee for legalisation of 1 document - €20 (per each stamp) + €80 service fee.
  • Apostilisation: €18 apostille fee + €12 service fee.

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